8 Golden Rules for Successful Recruiting

8 golden rules

Here are my “8 Golden Rules for Successful Recruiting” – originally published on my business blog MyNutShare in November 2015. Here is the updated version for you.

It’s all about delivering an amazing experience – that will help you build rapport, long lasting relationships and close the deals. Here are our 8 golden rules for successful recruiting:

Be the expert

  • Know the industry you are operating in.
  • Know your customer and the company you are recruiting for.
  • Know the job you are recruiting for.
  • Know the candidate.

Be professional

  • Dress and behave appropriately.
  • Have a professional first impression management.
  • Remember: You are representing the company you work for, your client and the candidate.

Be honestinteger, ethical and human

  • Remember: You deal with human beings – you are not selling insurances.
  • Build trust, rapport and do not have an attitude. This does not mean to be ‘best friends’ with everybody but to give clear advise, be honest if you think this is not a good match and be emotionally intelligent.
  • Yes, we all love a closed deal and a great commission and it’s essential to be an ethical seller.

Provide feedback – always

  • Do it!
  • Especially when the match is no good and the journey will end for the candidate: tell them! Communicate! Communication can be a massive differentiator to create appreciation, trust and a great experience.
  • The same regarding the company side: be honest if you can’t find a great candidate immediately. Give feedback about your process and ensure you are hustling to make it happen.

Manage expectations

  • Be clear and honest about what to expect.
  • If you are recruiting for a temp position where there is  probably no option to stay is given – tell your candidates. This makes is easier for them as well as for you, in case you would need to end a contract.
  • If you get asked what salary would be appropriately and realistic – manage expectations. You are the expert who knows the market and the industry.

Be efficient

  • Don’t waist time – not only your own time but also not your candidates’ or clients’ time.
  • When you know this won’t be a match – be open and honest. There is literally no point for the candidate to come out to your place and waist his / her time on the preparation, commute, and thoughts.
  • Keep the processes smooth, stick to communicated milestones and make it a great experience.

Manage relationships (operational and strategic)

  • Remember: you deal with people.
  • Actively manage your relationships – don’t just let things happen – take action and responsibility.
  • Especially candidates that might not be a perfect fit right now could become potential clients over time and / or somewhere else. You will get your foot so much easier through their door when you did well in the first time.

Never stop learning and have fun

  • Never stop learning! Over time you will become more efficient and you will know your tools and techniques. However, there is always an opportunity to learn and become even better.
    • Stay up to date with industry news, best practices, train to handle objections …
  • Have fun! Love what you do and find new fun ways to shake up your day. You could set yourself goals – how many people do I want to make smile today? Which potential client do I really want to work with? How can I acquire this client?

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