Hello & Welcome to Stephanie Bosch

Stephanie Bosch_Webpgae_PicHi there, lovely to meet you! My name is Stephanie Bosch and I am the host of this page.

As you might have seen on my about page I am German, Rheinländerin to be precise, living in London, United Kingdom.

In 2016 I founded the London based SME company SalesTrainerIn Ltd., delivering personality-based solutions for Leadership, Sales & Recruiting – with a focus on self-awareness and unconscious biases.

I truly believe that being self-aware and to understand who you are, how others perceive you as well as being aware of what are you good at and what are areas for improvement and what motivates you, are the most important factors to become the best version of yourself.

SalesTrainerIn is all about “selling yourself“. Not in a narcissistic or hard-selling self-marketing sense but in the sense of becoming your most beautiful, best self. Embracing all your perfect imperfections and flaws. About turning individuality and authenticity into real strengths. Why is this important?

Because personal development as well as team development needs more than a one-size-fits-all solution. To get the best out of yourself you need a tailored-solutions that adds incredible value and insights to your personal development journey. A solution that helps you to understand how you are perceived by others when you are at your best. But that also helps you to understand the areas that could potentially derail your career or performance – so you can do something about it before it becomes a real problem.

For Leaders: 

In these days information is as easily accessible as never before. Therefore the role of a leader has changed drastically. Leaders are no longer a singular source of information and direction but become more and more a Coach for their employees and team members. The goal is to develop your key talents and to build successful teams. To lift your leadership skills to the next level, it is important to understand what makes you tick. How do you perceive others and how do others perceive you? Which counterparts do you need to hire to diversify and balance your teams strengths and weaknesses? What are the shared values?

For Sales People:

People don’t like to be sold to but people like to buy from people. One of the worst things a sales person can do is making assumptions based on a customer’s appearance.

Successful sales people know themselves. They know their strengths, their weaknesses and their potential. Great sales people know what motivates them and how to build successful, lasting relationships. They also know in which environment they strive most to be their most successful self.

Do you know what truly separates YOU from your competition?

For Recruiters and hiring managers:

Self-awareness is incredibly important for recruiters and hiring managers. Why? Because we tend to like people who are like ourselves. For a company’s and a team’s success however it’s important to hire complimentary skill sets. Heterogeneity in teams can spark innovation and increase performance. The team members should however have similar values.

To understand who is the right hire for you, we need to understand and be aware of the shared values, company’s culture and personalities within our teams.

To hire the wrong person can be extremely pricey. Therefore paying attention to recruiting, assessing and hiring in the first place can save you a lot of hassle in the long-run. By also paying attention to your potential hire’s dark side of behaviour, you can assess the risk of your new hire further and prevent later derailment.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you,


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